Responsible Tourism

Together we aim to build a tourism industry that brings pleasure to all those who travel with it, a future to the places and people that provide it and value and responsibility to all of us involved in supplying it.

We are proud that our business in partnership with a wider Indian tourism industry serves an important role as a positive economic driver providing commercial benefit and financial impetus to the communities and areas we operate in.

Whilst recognizing the importance and need for this economic benefit, we are also sensitively aware of the ecological and social impact of our activities on these communities and local environments. As a result it is always our endeavour to evolve and balance our operations in a manner that maximises the positives while reducing any potential impact.

Under the leadership and personal commitment of our founder, Mr. Mohan Tickoo, a keen conservationist and ardent supporter of responsible tourism, KVT has taken proactive measures to ensure that a low-impact policy and sustainable practices are integrated into all major aspects of our logistics and operations.

Some of these measures include appointing a sustainability coordinator, training our staff on low-impact practices and policies, regular review of our operational impact and direct investment and engagement in various conservation projects, campaigns and promotional initiatives.

KVT is the founding member of Friends of Conservation, India, currently operating educational, healthcare and tiger conservation projects in communities around Bhandavgarh National Park.

Over the last 15 years we have been conducting regular "Clean Himalayas Campaigns" to raise local awareness of the ecological impact while directly engaging with the communities and our partners in clearing some of the most sensitive and affected trekking routes in the region.

As members of Late Sir Edmund Hillary's Himalayan Environment Trust and signatories to the Himalayan Code of Conduct, we are passionate and ardent supporters of Leave No Trace philosophy and its implementation in our regional activities.

Our association with the newly formed Eco Tourism Society of India and Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT) are yet more steps in our pledge and commitment to the cause and purpose of responsible low-impact tourism

If you would like to learn more about our initiatives and policies or participate in our campaigns, please do not hesitate to contact us

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